Summer offers: air conditionning service and tinted glasses

Tuesday 03 August 2010 |

Air conditioning is standard equipment on more and more common in vehicles that demand attention and regular maintenance.

The role of air conditioning is of course to lower the temperature in the cockpit but also reduce the moisture in the air. Therefore, it can be used in winter because it can quickly defogging the windshield without leaving traces.

An annual check of efficiency will be complemented by a full charge of the circuit every two years to eliminate impurities in the system and deliver the right amount of fluid (natural evaporation of 15-20% per year).

This summer, remember to recharge your air conditioning.

A service of your system is required every 2-3 years.

Take advantage of our special offer Frs 170 .- instead of CHF 195 .-

Tinted glasses

Protect yourself from UV rays, from prying eyes, the splinters in case of accidents.

Example: Mazda 2 (DE) CHF 430 .- (several colors to choose from)


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